Is Levitra the best treatment for erectile dysfunction?

levitra for edThere has been heated debate over the efficacy on the oral medications used for treating erectile dysfunction: Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra and Avanafil. Very simply, which one is the best treatment? Although all four fall in the same class of drugs and work in the same manner, there are slight differences in their effects on the human body.

The duration of ED pills to work

All three drugs work by blocking PDE-5 from functioning and consequently allow the penis vessels to be dilated for lingering causing longer erections. Both Levitra and Viagra stay in the bloodstream for about 4 to 6 hours while Cialis wins the race by staying in the bloodstream for about 17 to 18 hours.

Hindrances to the functioning of ED medication

Cheap Levitra from internet drugstores needs to be taken on an empty stomach and if it is consumed within an hour before sex, its effect can even last until 8 hours. Viagra online similarly works best on an empty stomach. It needs to be ensured that no fatty foods are consumed immediately before ingesting Viagra for it to work properly. Cialis online, on the other hand, can be taken with or without food. Neither Viagra nor Levitra amplifies the hypotensive effects of alcohol consumption. However, studies have shown that Cialis medication consumed post alcohol may lead to a severe drop in blood pressure.

The potential of side effects

Although not many men suffer from the side effects of these ED medications, purely from a medical standpoint, the Cialis side effects are graver and more serious than what Viagra or Levitra may cause.

The verdict on the best ED pill

Levitra long last for about 5 hours and takes effect in about 30 minutes from consumption. This is only slightly longer than Viagra. Cialis, on the other hand, leads the race by leaps and bounds with a whopping 18 hours. All the three drugs are FDA approved and are safe to consume. Levitra has lesser side effects than Viagra and lasts about the same time as Viagra in the body.

Cialis though stays in the body for a long time, it also increases the window for the interaction of the drug with other substances thus creating a safety hazard. The only difference that has been seen between Viagra and Levitra is that Levitra remains virtually unaffected by food or alcohol. Moreover, studies have proven that the drug works better for diabetics than the other two medicine.

Levitra is about ten times more chemically potent than Viagra and so a lower dosage is required to achieve a penile erection for the same amount of time. Research has also shown Levitra to be more selective than Viagra and Cialis to PDE5 which further implies that a lower dosage is needed, thus the severity of the side effects is also lesser. To check the effectiveness of the pill, one can try buying few free Levitra Samples online from a licensed pharmacy and test it.

Important note

It can be safely concluded that Levitra provides the best results with the least side effects, thus winning the race to the title of the best ED treatment! However, it should be considered that not all medications work for everyone. It may happen that Levitra may not give as good results for someone as Viagra might. Therefore, proper consultation should be sought before popping the ED treatment pills.