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The hallmark of a successful life is to excel in life both professionally and personally. Hitting the highest mark in career but losing out in domestic life is still a setback and steals off the meaning of life. The career competition over the decades has overheated and anyone who doesn’t hasten up to the demands loses out in the race. This immense pressure to perform or perish in professional life has a profound say on the personal life and no doubt many a time it suffers. When it is the personal life which suffers, it also takes a toll on one’s health and consequently the performance in conjugal life gets severely affected. Erectile dysfunction is one of the major problems throwing a spanner in personal life. The stress accumulated at work by individuals has a cascading effect in personal happiness and connubial activity. Earlier individuals who were not able to enjoy the physical intercourse were left with no options but to carry on with life. Research and development has taken medication miles forward to solve the problems for people, especially the one’s which are ignominious to be shared with others. Buy Viagra online and save yourself from embarrassments caused in marital life. The medication has rescued the lost peace in many a married couple’s life. It has been embraced as a wonder medication for individuals suffering the ailments linked to physical intercourse.

Couples also testify that the medication has brought back the same level of energy which they experienced when they were in their prime. Sildenafil citrate online is another set of key words which is on rebound as the pill is one of the popular generic equivalent of the branded Viagra medication. This clearly indicates that the generic version of the pill is also in demand and also good at offering the same level of boost in performance. Avanafil is a drug which belongs to the erectile dysfunction category and has undergone many rehearsals for its effectiveness as a medication. It also goes by the name of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor or PDE5 inhibitor. Buy Viagra without prescription as the pill generally focusses on providing more vigor for the male reproductive part. Scientists have found that there is a specific protein in the human body which inhibits the expansion of blood vessels. Avanafil is said to prohibit or act as a barrier in blocking this specific protein leading to the expansion of blood vessels.

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